Top 7 Best Bluetooth Audio Receivers & Transmitter of 2021 in India

Over the past decade or more, there’s been a huge growth in wireless technology. This revolution was led by the famous Bluetooth technology. Once we were familiar with this technology and its uses, we found it in all the gadgets that we used—home audio systems, Smartphones, smart TVs, car audio systems, and more.

However, the power of Bluetooth technology is not limited to modern gadgetry. If you have speakers belonging to the pre-Bluetooth era, you need not replace them with new ones. Instead, you can now invest in an audio receiver and use them as speakers.

Today, India has several top-notch Bluetooth audio receivers, each vying for the top slot. So, you might find it difficult to zero in on the best Bluetooth Audio Receiver in India for your needs. To ease your pain, let’s begin by telling you the main reasons to buy the best Bluetooth audio receiver.

Why Buy a Bluetooth Audio Receiver in India?

Investing in the best Bluetooth Audio Receiver in India gives you a lot of advantages. Chief among them are:

• You Get Wireless Music Streaming for Your Speakers and Home Audio System

By far, the commonest use of this device, you can connect several devices simultaneously to get surround sound when you watch your best TV shows.

• Make Your Wired Speakers Wireless and Play Music Wirelessly

If you have wired speakers that haven’t been used for long, connect them to your Bluetooth audio receiver and watch your wired speakers become wireless.

• You Get Hands-Free Music While Driving

If yours is an older car model and you want to listen to music while you drive, buy a Bluetooth Audio Receiver. It works as an intermediary so that your car becomes Bluetooth-enabled.

Best Bluetooth Audio Receiver Reviews:

Now that you know why to invest in the best Bluetooth Audio Receiver, let’s take a look at the top audio receivers.

7 Best Bluetooth Audio Receiver in 2021

Discover top seven Bluetooth audio receiver in India from best brands with good quality and affordable pricing.

1. CrossBeats Mini Bluetooth Receiver with 3.5mm Aux

The mini version of CrossBeats, this one is far better than most Bluetooth receivers just based on its size. Once plugged into the aux jack of non-Bluetooth devices, it streams audio with superb quality.

CrossBeats Car Bluetooth Device with Audio Receiver

Features of CrossBeats Bluetooth Receiver

• The device is linked to Bluetooth 4.1 whose range is excellent.

• No time lag in connectivity or streaming audio—latency below 95%.

• It connects two devices simultaneously.

• It has an inbuilt microphone.

• The package consists of an extra aux cable to ensure its use over long distances. 

• Excellent for a 10-meter range

• Hands-free call receiving is enabled.

• Crystal clear audio output due to intelligent noise cancelling.


• Compatible with IOS and Windows devices

• Runs for five hours per charge.

• Easy to use with headphones. 

• Your headphones can work wirelessly.


• Its quality of construction is barely average.

• It is not NFC-enabled.

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2. TP-Link HA100 NFC-Enabled Bluetooth Music Receiver

The main highlight of the TP-Link receiver is that it easily turns your old stereo speakers into a Bluetooth speaker without making any change to the music quality.

TP-Link HA100 Bluetooth Music Receiver Portable Bluetooth Speaker

With your new receiver, you can listen to any song on your smartphone wirelessly. This also means that you needn’t put your device close to speakers plugged to more than a 3.5 mm jack.

Features of TP Link Bluetooth Audio Receiver

• It is small, lightweight, and attractive.

• It is NFC-enabled for better connectivity. It extends to 66 feet or 20 meters, making it ideal for small offices and homes. 

• It stores information for a maximum of eight devices, enabling you to enjoy your music as well as your friends or neighbours. 

• It is compatible with all smartphones currently in the market, working on Android, iOS, Windows, and MAC platforms.


• It has a good design and is easy to use. 

• It covers a wide area.

• It automatically repairs up to eight devices. 

• It offers high-quality sound. 


• It does not have Bluetooth 5.0.

• The bass is not good enough.

3. CUBETEK 2 in 1 Bluetooth V5.0 Transmitter and Receiver

The Cubetek 2 in 1 Bluetooth transmitter has a circular design which makes it distinctive from other audio receivers. It is very compact and easily portable.

CUBETEK 2 in 1 Bluetooth Transmitter and Receiver

It has several features that make it one of the best Bluetooth audio receivers in India today. Let’s check them out:

Features of Cubetek Audio Receiver

• It can send and receive signals using a 3.5mm AUX jack. It can switch modes from receiver to transmitter with a click of a button. 

• It works on smartphones and Bluetooth devices. 

• Its latency level is lower than 95% and it has an end-to-end lag time of 40 milliseconds. This gives a high-definition output each time without any problems or delays.

• The transmitter can be paired with a maximum of two devices, enabling the user to watch TV or listen to music with friends. 

• One of the best Bluetooth audio receivers today, it is compatible with almost all Bluetooth-enabled phones and smartphones.


• It is lightweight, easy to use, and easy to connect.

• It is compact and durable.

• Auto pairing makes using it wireless and hassle-free.

• On a full charge, it can work for eight hours. It also streams while charging, so you have wireless content continuously. 


• Its construction is not sturdy. 

• The optical cable is barely 3 meters long.

4. Musesonic Bluetooth V5.0 Audio Receiver Car Kit

If you’re looking for an audio receiver for your car, there could be nothing better than the Musesonic Bluetooth audio receiver. It is powered by a Qualcomm Bluetooth chipset and it can support two devices together. It also supports Bluetooth 5.0 and takes two hours to charge fully.

On a full charge, it can provide 12 hours of music. If you love driving long distances and want music in your car all the time, the Musesonic Bluetooth audio receiver is the best Bluetooth audio receiver for you.

Features of Musesonic Car Audio Receiver

• Playtime of a maximum of 12 hours

• It can connect two mobile tablets simultaneously.

• Has an inbuilt Qualcomm chipset

• Zero error fast and high-quality audio output

• Good value for money.

• Easy to install, set up and connect.

• A compact device and extremely lightweight

• The audio sound quality is remarkable both for music and calls


• It is lightweight and easy to carry around.

• Easy to use and of good construction quality

• Accepts calls while in your car

• All parts are provided with the device, so no extra payment is involved.


• Poor quality buttons

• Very few color options

5. Tewtross Bluetooth Audio Transmitter and Receiver 

Digital Optical SPDIF TOSLINK 3.5mm Aux RCA Wireless Audio Adapter for TV/Home Stereo System (Black)

This Tewtross product is sophisticated in design and equally easy to handle. Its buttons for pairing, set up, power control, and use are separate.

Tewtross Bluetooth Audio Transmitter and Receiver

It is easily the best among the Tewtross audio receiver range today. It has low latency for hi-fi stereo sound with audio signals being sent fast and without any lag during streaming.

Features of Tewtross Bluetooth Audio Receiver

• It has a 26-hour capacity on one charge due to the lithium-polymer battery. 

• Simultaneous dual pairing is possible here while charging. 

• TX mode helps send stereo audio wirelessly from your TV, Mp3, etc (non-Bluetooth device) to your speaker or receiver device (Bluetooth-enabled) through the 3,5 mm Aux cable.

• Lightning speed connectivity due to Qualcomm chipset and Bluetooth 5.0 version.

• Possible to connect two headphones simultaneously for pure listening pleasure 


• Users can enjoy music or TV shows using a Bluetooth headset without disturbing others. 

• 12 hours battery time

• One-year warranty with customer support 

• Easy-to-use interface


• The manual does not give step-by-step instructions.

• Installation is not easy.

6. TANTRA Fluke PRO Bluetooth Wireless Receiver 4.1

You can experience a smooth drive with the best Bluetooth audio receiver in India, the Tantra Fluke Bluetooth receiver.

Tantra Bluetooth Audio Receiver

With it, driving isn’t just a breeze, it’s also a pleasure, apart from being hassle-free. It gives your car a trendy and modern look due to its sleek construction and classy finish.

Features of Tantra Fluke Wireless Audio Receiver

• It uses Bluetooth 5.0 technology which does not lose any audio transmission and therefore gives you clear music and phone calls.

• You can receive incoming calls hands-free once you pair Bluetooth with your phone. 

• Stream music wirelessly from any device to enjoy music on the road. 

• It works with Universal Kit technology which is enabled with noise cancellation and echoes. It also offers quick connectivity and good quality mic. 

• It connects two phones and comes installed with Google’s Voice Assistant app, Siri. 


• It is compact, detachable, user-friendly, and detachable.

• Installation is quick and easy. 

• Compatible on all platforms

• Accessories include a magnetic mount, starter kit and extra adhesive sticker. 


• The mic range is terrible with a lot of disturbance in the air.

• Does not work well consistently.

7. VeeDee J19 Bluetooth Receiver, Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Car Adapter & Bluetooth Car Aux Adapter

The VeeDee J19 Bluetooth Receiver is a repository of many superb features. First, it is equipped with Bluetooth 5.0, which will give you the best sound quality over a much longer distance. Besides, it will also allow you to connect to two or more devices.

VeeDee J19 Wireless Bluetooth Car Receiver

The battery backup is quite decent too. On one charge alone, the VeeDee J19 can give you 10 hours of streaming time. The form factor also comes into play here.

This comprises a device much like a pen drive whose 3.5 mm headphone jack is linked to your car stereo’s AUX port. But there’s much more that makes it one of the best Bluetooth audio receivers in India. Take a read:

Features of VeeDee Bluetooth Wireless Car Audio Receiver

• An inbuilt mic lets you enjoy crystal clear sound on every call you get and make. 

• You can enjoy music wirelessly by linking your wired speakers to the 3.5 mm audio cable and pairing it to your tablet or phone. 

• Take advantage of 10 hours of battery life and a maximum of 120 standby hours. All it needs is 1.5 hours to be fully charged. 

• With your Bluetooth 5. 0 receiver car kit, you can go as far as 10m or 33ft. 

• You can pair any two devices using this receiver and listen to music, answer calls or use it to track GPS routes.

• The product also comes with a six-month warranty or you get a refund or the product will be replaced.


• Pairing two devices is a breeze.

• Awesome audio quality

• Excellent battery backup

• Build quality and Bluetooth connectivity are incredibly good. 


• Sound quality of music is very low

• Not durable--lasts only a few months

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How to Choose the Best Bluetooth Audio Receiver in India: 12 Important Factors

You might find it tricky to choose the right Bluetooth audio receiver for your speakers. You know that there might be many things to consider before you buy one.

However, with our buying guide, this problem can be eased. Go ahead and read all the factors that you need to examine before buying the best Bluetooth audio receiver.

Here they are for you:

• Latest Bluetooth Technology

The latest Bluetooth technology is the 5.0 version, so ensure that the receivers you’re looking at are fitted with this. If you buy an obsolete Bluetooth version, it will come with a lower operating range and pairing it with your devices will also be difficult. So, opt for the latest version of Bluetooth.

• Research

Before you enter the market to look at the range, do your research. Research it online, compare many products and shortlist a few. Check the features, the service quality and the brand’s return policy before forming your opinion of it.

Next, check the product on a variety of websites and locally too. You could be pleasantly surprised to find that the product you’re checking out is cheaper in a local shop. So, by researching this niche area, the least you will do is to help yourself make a smart buy.

• Range

Ensure that the receiver you go with has a range minimum of 100 feet. Anything lesser than 100 feet will give you connectivity issues while you move around.

• Audio Inputs & Power Source

Before you buy the best Bluetooth audio receiver in India, check that you have the necessary audio and power connection sources in your system so that the receiver can easily be housed. If you’re buying an audio receiver for your car, it will be a 3.5mm AUX connection, but for a home audio system, you will need an RCA input. So, be sure of your connections before buying.

Also, make sure that you have a USB port to charge the receiver.

• Sound Quality

Some audio receivers offer the best sound quality. If you want to buy one of those, check for support for codecs like AptX and others. With the help of these codecs, you can get premium-quality audio streaming from all kinds of devices—iOS devices, Android phones, and laptops. The receivers that are inbuilt with these codecs will command higher prices than others, so be sure that your budget will allow for this.

• Portability

Be sure of the size of the audio receiver that will fit into your car or home audio system before you buy the best Bluetooth audio receiver. To be sure of this, first, ensure that your system has enough space to accommodate the receiver. Based on the available space, make your buy.

• Streaming Music

With a Bluetooth audio receiver, you can easily connect to a variety of audio components. However, you might also come across models that can easily link up to streaming services like Tidal or Spotify.

• Channels

Ensure that the audio receiver you’re checking out has a minimum of seven channels. You might need these if you need to add on more speakers. At such times, you can expect full clarity of sound.

• Voice Control

With voice control, you get a whole load of convenience to your audio receiver system. If you lose track of your phone or remote, track it with your voice. If you buy the best Bluetooth audio receiver in India with a voice control feature, it will help if you also have a virtual assistant like Alexa or Siri that can control it with your voice. Nowadays, most models support Google Assistant or Alexa. A virtual assistant can help with controlling the volume level, turning the receiver on or off, etc.

• Apps

You can control your receiver by using a free app on your tablet of phone. You can also use the entire audio system and play music using your tablet or phone.

• Multi-device System 

If you have Bluetooth 5.0 support on your receiver and can link to several devices simultaneously, that would be great. However, what you choose depends on your needs and your budget.

• Budget

You need to be sure of the amount you’re willing to spend on the best Bluetooth audio receiver in India. If you buy a cheap product, it might not be durable. Hence, be ready to spend well and ensure you get a warranty on the product.

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Conclusion for Top 7 Wireless Audio Receiver in India

The information provided here featuring the best Bluetooth audio receivers in India is especially reviewed so that you have the best options at hand. The list isn’t very long so that you can shortlist a few from which you can then make your final selection.

Each of these products is commendable. Right from being Bluetooth-enabled, they are lightweight and efficient. So, check them out further until you’re sure of the one you want to go with. We hope this information on Bluetooth audio receivers helps you choose the right one for your needs.

If you would like to drop in your comments on this article, please use the comments box below. We’d be delighted to hear from you.

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