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top latest wireless technology trends in 2021

Technology is advancing at a rapid pace, and as it does, new trends emerge. One of these trends is wireless technology.

Wireless has been around for decades in various forms like radio waves and microwaves. Still, now, thanks to the internet-of-things era, we see more and more devices become wirelessly connected.

This post will outline 10 wireless technology trends that I think will be prominent by 2021-22.

1. Wireless Monitoring of Air Pollution

Wireless monitoring of air pollution will be a huge thing. High levels of air pollution have been linked to increased incidents of respiratory disease, neurological damage, birth defects and even heart attacks.

This information could be used by city planners to help improve the quality of life in cities to make them more green and sustainable, as well as helping citizens to monitor air pollution in their local areas.

2. Wireless Control of Smart City Utilities

Many cities have started linking their utilities together. For example, San Francisco has linked their water treatment facilities, their power grid and their traffic control systems together to create a smart city hub.

Other cities around the world are doing the same, so this trend is likely to continue and move towards wireless technologies such as powerful wireless routers that allow these different utilities to be controlled remotely over the internet.

This will mean less manpower required for maintenance as well as more efficient use of technology.

3. Wireless Control of Smart Home Devices

With increased uptake in smart home devices, wireless home automation technologies will be a huge thing by 2021-22. 

Home automation involves all the appliances and devices in a house or apartment being connected to each other and controlled through an app on your smartphone or tablet.

This allows you to track and monitor your electricity and water usage, as well as control heating.

Wireless home automation will be a game-changer for smart homes because it means that these devices can do everything they are supposed to without the need for cabling in your home or apartment.

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4. Wireless Storage of Consumer Data

Cloud storage has been a huge game-changer for consumers, but wireless cloud storage will be even better. There are many applications for this tech already and they are expanding rapidly.

With technologies such as Google Glass available right now, we can already wirelessly store our memories and experiences in the cloud so that other people can access them later on.

Wireless cloud storage will also allow other devices to be much smaller and more efficient because they won't require a lot of onboard memory.

5. Evolution Towards IoT Connectivity (Internet of Things)

As we continue to evolve towards IoT connectivity or the Internet of Things, a lot more devices and appliances will be connected wirelessly through the Internet.

This will be a huge game-changer in 5 years time because it means that our appliances can now tell us when they are running low on supplies, need maintenance or have been damaged.

These devices will also be able to tell us how often they have been used and for what duration, which means customers will have much better control over their energy consumption.

6. Industry 4.0 & 5G Impact on Wireless Connectivity

The Industry 4.0 & 5g impact on wireless connectivity really emerged with the growth in the Industry of the machine to machine (m2m).

The possibilities that will be opened up by IoT and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communication are endless, but one simple example would be remote medical monitoring.

For instance, it might be possible to remotely and continuously monitor a patient's vital signs at home, which could provide invaluable information about the onset of illness.

Wireless connectivity is also likely to have an impact on transport systems in the future. This will be especially relevant with driverless cars.  What do you think?

7. 5G & The Race To Replace Cables With Wireless Connectivity

5G will enable a whole host of new applications which occur over high-frequency bands and require low latency.

Low latency is especially important when it comes to real-time communications such as video conferencing, or virtual and augmented reality.

Wireless data transfer has been increasing rapidly over the past few years, following a trend that will almost certainly continue into the future.

8. Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality Platforms Will Be All The Rage

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality platforms are going to be coming in many different forms over the next few years.

Essentially, these devices will allow us to immerse ourselves in an entirely new way of experiencing entertainment and information.

From watching movies in a virtual movie theatre environment to flying around the world on Google Earth, these devices will be opening up a whole host of new ways to enjoy 'real-life.'

9. GPS Based Navigation Systems Will Become Ubiquitous

GPS based navigation systems will continue to improve and become more ubiquitous. GPS navigation is already used in a wide variety of applications by people, businesses and governments.

They are found in cars for driving directions, on phones and tablets as built-in apps (e.g. Google maps), in many other mobile devices for geotagging photos with locations, on many fitness devices for tracking where users are going, and used by governments to track peoples' locations.

The widespread usage of GPS systems will lead to more people taking advantage of the huge amounts of Geodata that can be collected, possibly leading to further developments in big data analysis (e.g. Improved traffic prediction).

10. Space Exploration & Space Tourism

Space exploration will continue to be a booming industry in the coming years, with more and more countries planning to launch their own space programs and start off-world colonies.

A company called SpaceX plans to put 1M people on Mars by 2050.

So while progress may not be quite as fast as Elon Musk would like it to be, we are definitely headed in the right direction.

In terms of space tourism, it might not be too long before you can travel into space for a vacation.

Conclusion for Top Wireless Technology Trends in 2021 & 2022

The future of wireless technology is bright. With the continued evolution towards IOT connectivity, 5G networks and virtual reality platforms; it will be a busy time for those in the industry.

What are some technologies you're looking forward to? Let us know below!

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