6 Best Smartwatches Under Rs. 10000 in India in 2021

Are you looking for the best smartwatch under Rs. 10000?

If you are, we have curated a list of the top 6 best smartwatches in India you can consider with a detailed review. So, read on to find out more.

We’ve heard the word “smartwatches” but do we know exactly what it means?

In a nutshell, smartwatches are the glitzy versions of traditional watches. They don’t just tell the time but have inbuilt features that give you a daily reading of your fitness levels while also tracking your speed, pace, and walking distance.

You may also be looking for a budget smartwatch, perhaps the best smartwatch under Rs. 10000. 

The best smartwatches under Rs. 10000 in India go much further than this. They are also equipped to track your heart rate, sleep, etc.

From this, you can understand the level of awareness of a smartwatch and the need for it in everyday life. 

Whether your pocket allows you to spend Rs. 1000 or Rs. 10000 on a smartwatch or something in between, nothing can stop you.

The market is full of quality products, so explore the best smartwatch under Rs. 10000 available in our markets today and take your pick.

Best SmartWatch Under 10,000 Rupees In 2021

You might find your buddy smartwatch under the category of the best smartwatch under Rs 1000 in India. That would be a deal, right?

1. Realme Watch SPro

A proud member of the Realme group of wearables in India, the Realme Watch S Pro is this group’s first smartwatch with inbuilt GPS. For the best smartwatch under Rs. 10,000, It has several highlights—from more than 100 watch dials to choose from, continuous heart monitoring, 15 sports modes to drinking water reminders, and more. And all this is priced at Rs. 9,999.

Realme Smartwatch S pro

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Highlights of Realme Smartwatch


It looks like a traditional watch, and it has a dial of 46 mm which helps you navigate well and read notifications easily. The diameter of the dial is 1.39”, and it has a resolution of 454x454-pixel. Its maximum brightness is 450 nits. The screen is large and impressive, and it has a light sensor that adjusts automatic brightness. 


Realme Watch S Pro enables easy navigation because its interface is minimalist. With two buttons, you can make your way through the interface of the best smartwatch under Rs. 10,000. Swipe to the left and get all the date on the calories you burned, the number of steps you walked, weather, etc. More details on this are available if you scroll down. Adjust brightness and do more with the interface until you get what you want. 

Known to be the best smartwatch under Rs. 10000 in India to have an integrated compass, the Realme Watch S Pro also offers users stopwatch, alarm and timer features. Lastly, shutterbugs will enjoy the integrated remote camera shutter in this smartwatch.  

Fitness Features

Realme was an early smartwatch under Rs. 10000 to develop indoor and outdoor features, and indoor and outdoor walking, hiking, swimming, yoga, basketball and other sports. There are other features too that facilitate users get data on their swimming performance.


  • The Realme link is available in the Apple and Google App stores. This link facilitates better workouts. 
  • Excellent heart rate monitoring
  • Battery life is nine days when used four hours a day.
  • Excellent display


  • Step count is inaccurate

When tracking an outdoor sport, the smartwatch locks onto a GPS signal, which delays things.

Verdict for Realme Smartwatch

All in all, for Rs. 9999, it competes with several others with similar features. However, one of its competitors, the Amazfit GTR 2, also has a mic and a speaker so you can take calls and use voice commands. But for workout features, the Realme Watch S Pro is an unbeatable smartwatch under Rs. 10000.

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2. Amazfit Bip Lite

Stay active and informed of your workout performance with this smartwatch. Touted as the best budget smartwatch in India, the Amazfit Bip Lite has a 1.28” display that’s always on. Additionally, it has 2.5D Corning Gorilla Glass protection. It is so feature-rich that at Rs. 3,799, it’s a steal.

Amazfit Bip S Smart Watch with Built -in GPS

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Highlights of Amazfit Watch


In design, it resembles the Amazfit smartwatches. It has a 1.28-inch LED screen that reflects most of the sunlight and adjusts backlighting depending on the sunlight on the smartwatch. Its high 176x176 resolution dial is surrounded by huge bezels. The watch offers an always-on display that is visible in bright sunlight.

This smartwatch, among the best smartwatches under Rs. 10000 categories is scratch-resistant, thanks to the Corning Gorilla glass and anti-finger-print coating.  However, you can hardly see anything in the dark, but by turning on a button, you can see due to the transflective display.

Quality of Build

The Amazfit Bip Lite is well among the best smartwatches under Rs. 10,000 currently in India. While exploring it, you will find its charging point and heart rate sensor on its back. It is lightweight at 30 gm and is comfortable to wear for long periods and in all seasons. You can also wear it to bed to track your sleep.

Its battery life extends to 345 days and is fully charged within 2.5 hours.

Fitness Features

One of India’s exceptional smartwatches under Rs. 10000, the Amazfit Bip Lite is fitted with a three-axis accelerometer, barometer, and an optical heart rate sensor. It can be safely used while swimming since it is certified for water-resistance by 3 ATM. 

The smartwatch can track your heart rate, steps walked, and sleep data through the day. The tracker is accurate, unlike others. There are eight sports modes here—outdoor running and cycling, walking, treadmill, freestyle, indoor cycling, elliptical trainer, and yoga.

The scope of the GPS here is restricted to showing you just the routes you take. Swipe your finger on the dial to listen to some music. 


  • 30 days’ battery life on one charge
  • Vibrates when fully charged
  • Easy to install
  • Over 5000 free watch faces available 


  • The bezel is way too large
  • Heart rate is inaccurate

Verdict for Amazfit Smart Watch

The Amazfit Bip Lite is an excellent entry-level smartwatch. The display may not be all that good, but it can be a good accessory to your dressing. For all its fitness features and overall performance, it won’t disappoint you if you’re looking for a budget smartwatch. So, it won’t pinch to pay Rs. 3,799 for this.

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3. Noise ColorFit NAV Smart Watch

The Noise ColorFit NAV is one of the market’s distinguished smartwatches as it comes equipped with Bluetooth. It has a pleasing appearance, and it can be a great entry-level smartwatch. Its prices begin at Rs. 1699 and go on to Rs. 6,999. Poised between the two ends is the Noise ColofFit NAV which is comfortably priced at Rs. 4,499.

noise colorfit nav smart watch

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Highlights of Noise ColorFit

Display Screen

This smartwatch under Rs. 10000 is a glorious blend of the stylish and the practical. The Noise smartwatch has a rectangular 1.4” TFT LCD hi-resolution screen that gives you a full-touch interface. The touchscreen is so wide that it’s easy to use every day. You can enjoy using this smartwatch in either Camo Green or Stealth Black. It also has a smudge-resistant oleophobic coating to keep it safe. 

It is fitted with GPS, is water-resistant, and can take dirt, sand, and dust. It is submersion-resistant to a maximum depth of 1.5 meters underwater for 30 minutes. 

Quality of Build

You can recognize this smartwatch under Rs. 10000 by its square shape and very few surrounding bezels. It is lightweight at 40 gms and has a polycarbonate shell accompanied by a matte finish, thereby disallowing others’ fingerprints. 

You can shower with it, but cannot use it in the sauna, nor in ocean water nor in a hot water bath. Avoid swimming with it. 

Fitness Features

The smartwatch has inbuilt fitness features such as a gyroscope, heart rate sensor, accelerometer, and IP68 rating for dust and water resistance. You can also manage calls, play music, and see notifications while using it. It offers 96 hours battery life on one charge and is powered by a 180mAh battery.

You can also check Best Smartwatches Under 5000 rupees post at Go Wirelesss.


  • Buttons aren’t in plenty, which is good.
  • The smartwatch’s look and feel are good and you can see the dial in harsh sunlight.
  • Inbuilt GPS is amazing.
  • Three-day battery backup even with regular use of the smartwatch


  • Though the strap looks solid, it isn’t comfortable for prolonged wearing.
  • Slow to respond to specific gestures

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4. ZEPAD Stylish Smartwatch

Here’s an entry-level and inexpensive smartwatch that works smart and looks good. It comes with a touchscreen and is supported by a sim card so you can make calls. Though affordable, it is perhaps the best smartwatch under 10000 with call function, apart from being loaded with several useful features. Pocket-friendly at Rs. 899, it can sit comfortably on any wrist.

Zepad Smart Watch in India

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Highlights of Zepad watch

Display Screen

As mentioned above, it has a multilingual touchscreen, and in essence, it is a watch and a phone as you can also use to make calls. Its circular dial and strap are both black. A lithium battery powers it, and it takes two hours to charge completely. It has all modern-day connectivity features.

Quality of Build

Bluetooth connectivity is an integral part of this smartwatch. It also has the convenience of making calls and comes with a sim card and camera. Integrated into its build are two essential apps—Facebook and Whatsapp, so you can get and send messages no matter where you are. It is both an Android and an ios mobile phone and comes with several activity trackers.

Fitness Features

It has an integrated calorie counter, step counter, heart rate monitor, altimeter, sleep monitor, pedometer, and sedentary monitor. It also has a compass, calendar, clock, and video features.


  • It’s a great entry-level smartwatch.
  • Its fitness features are many and very motivational.
  • It also has time trackers like a compass, clock, and a calendar.
  • It has a heavy-duty appearance.



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Apart from the above, there are inexpensive smartwatches available under Rs. 1000, on Flipkart and Amazon. So, before you click the Buy button, take a look at some of these too. First, let’s check out a smartwatch available on Flipkart for under Rs. 1000:

5. keeva Smartwatch With Camera And Sim Support Smartwatch

This is a smartwatch that works as a camera and a phone on the go. Its phone features are many and show it up as reliable in emergencies. Apart from this, it has several exciting features that make it the best smartwatch under 1000 flipkart for you (Rs. 999) if you’re not ready to spend more on a smartwatch.

keeva smart watch with camera

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Highlights of Keeva Smart Watch

Display Screen

This smartwatch has a display screen size of 1.54”, and its display size is 40 mm. Its dial is black, and it is rectangular. Its rubber strap is also black, making it a completely black unit. It has a touchscreen too for easy use.

Quality of Build

This smartwatch works well on both Android and IOS platforms and has a Bluetooth connection. It has a RAM of 128 MB and functions on a Lithium-Ion battery. It takes two hours to charge and has a battery life of about eight hours. A rechargeable battery is part of this unit. 

The biggest highlight of this smartwatch is its phone feature. It comes with a sim card so that you make calls and can receive and send SMS too. Maintaining and checking call records are also possible with this smartwatch. It supports all sims except Reliance Jio. 

A 2MP camera is linked with the phone so that the phone feature can be controlled when taking a shot. This camera has standard features like autofocus, etc.

It is one of the best smartwatches under 10000 with call function for these and other capabilities, makes it stand out in its category. 

Fitness Features

This smartwatch is water-resistant up to 100 meters. It sends you notifications and is a great tracker for indoor and outdoor fitness activities. It is a step counter and heart rate monitor.

It also displays date and time and comes with a calendar and alarm clock. 


  • It has a mic and speaker to facilitate audio commands.
  • It supports Mp3 and gesture control. 
  • For a quick shot on the go, the camera is a big boon.
  • In emergencies, the phone can be reliable.



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6. AJO V8 Sports Smartwatch

Bluetooth 4.0 Message Push, Sedentary Reminder, Pedometer, Sleep Monitoring Wristband for iOS/Android Phone (White)

Ajo sports smartwatch

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For die-hard Amazon shoppers, at Rs. 999, here’s the best smartwatch under 1000 on amazon: the AJO V8 Sports Smartwatch. This smartwatch comes with a variety of valuable features, which makes it a practical buy. It’s an outstanding beginner level smartwatch, which gives you a confident stride into the world of technology.

Display Screen

The display screen is black and functional. It has two phone icons—red and green, which refer to taking a call and ending it. It is multi-functional, so you can do many things by pressing the right button here.

Quality of Build

This smartwatch can be taken as a fashion accessory and is versatile and dependable. You can use it to organize your day-to-day activities and never forget anything. Men and women can wear it.

It offers a battery life of 230mAh, and you can also use it to aid your exercise regimen. With this watch smartly on your wrist, you can make and receive calls, use it as an alarm clock, stopwatch, sedentary alarm, sleep monitor, calculator, time sync, call a taxi, browse through apps and track your fitness activity.

Fitness Features

It accurately records your fitness data and monitors it to help you reach your fitness goals and maintain your health quality. It also tracks your sleep pattern in 24 hours, among other capabilities.

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Conclusion for Smartwatches Under 10,000

These are some of the best smartwatches in the market today, so choose among them depending on your budget and need. As you can see, if your needs are known, you needn’t spend much to boast to the guy next to you. Be practical, get the wrist wearable that you need, and derive the most out of it.

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